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Roxanne’s Law Deemed Votable!

Bill C-510, An Act to Prevent Coercion of Pregnant Women to Abortion, also known as Roxanne’s Law, was deemed by The Standing Committee on Procedure and House Affairs as not designated as non-votable on October 19th. This passing of this very important stage means that the bill, which will criminalize the act of coercing or attempting to coerce a woman into having an unwanted abortion, will proceed to its first scheduled hour of debate at Second Reading on November 1st.

This powerful, pro-woman and pro-life bill is named in honour of Roxanne Fernando, who was violently killed by her boyfriend after refusing to abort their child.

The EFC has publicly supported this bill and has provided resources, such as the Law Related Questions and Answers on Bill C-510 to its constituency and the public in order to permit them to better engage in support of the bill. For more information on this bill read our first blog on it here or watch me being interviewed for a 100 Huntley Street piece on Roxanne's Law (below).  



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